Ensemble Concertant Frankfurt

Streichquintett mit Kontrabass

The Ensemble Concertant Frankfurt was established in 1987 by members of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, and is now a highly acclaimed string quintet, which sometimes also includes other instruments such as piano or wind instruments. The music that the Ensemble Concertant Frankfurt performs and makes accessible to a broad public includes not only well-known classical and Romantic masterpieces of the 18th and 19th century but also – and primarily – unknown masterpieces from this period of time. The Ensemble’s high artistic standard has been demonstrated by radio productions and award-winning CD editions.

It is not without reason that the members of the Ensemble feel particularly dedicated to chamber music, which had largely fallen into oblivion due to the trendy and purist approach adopted in public concerts. The Ensemble feels that “new links are bound to emerge today between Schubert’s trout quintet and music composed by Boccherini, Ries, Eybler,Gebel and Onslow.

TR(Gilberte Gebhardt)

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